Get Involved
1. Become a Volunteer
Volunteer with us and change lives!

HOPE is a completely volunteer run organization. Volunteers are our most valuable asset, working behind the scenes, helping us every step of the way and making it possible for us to change peoples’ lives a little every day. Working with enthusiasm, expertise and dedication, our volunteer teams include the HOPE Board of Directors, annual fundraiser planning and delivery team, child sponsorship management team, social media committee, and more. As a young organization, our volunteers are the key to the success that we are able to achieve.

2. Sponsor an Event
These events are our primary source of fundraising.

HOPE conducts a few annual events for which we are always looking to community businesses and organizations for support. These events are our primary source of fundraising. Sponsorship may be anything from funds to expertise. In order to maximize the support to those we help, we need contributions from community organizations and local businesses.

3. Partner with H.O.P.E.
Partner with us and get started today.

We have had the honor of working with many organizations which support our missions. If your organization would like to partner with us, please contact us here.

4. Fundraise
Plan your own fundraising event or drive!

Want to plan an event to fundraise for child sponsorship or building a well in Pakistan? Contact us and we can provide you with informational material and resources for planning your event.

Join us and get involved with H.O.P.E. today!
Become a part of something greater.