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Who We Are

Help Orphans and Promote Education (H.O.P.E.) Foundation is a federally registered Canadian charity. Our project is primarily focused on various regions in Pakistan, where we aim to provide education through sponsorship of orphans and children in need. H.O.P.E. also strives to provide emergency relief to the people affected by natural disasters, both locally and internationally.

We strongly believe in complete transparency and take great measures to ensure that all donations are used in the most effective manner. All funds go towards ensuring students become self-sufficient and lead a respectable life. This, we believe, will bring hope and enlightenment by giving these children an opportunity to play an active and productive role in society.

Our Foundation

H.O.P.E. Foundation’s primary mandate is to equip the impoverished young generation of orphans, and those in need, with the tool to help cultivate them into leaders of tomorrow – Education.

To advance education by providing scholarships, bursaries, awards and other form of financial assistance to children and youth who are orphans or in financial need; and to provide financial and material relief to the victims of disasters.

While H.O.P.E. Foundation provides relief to regions all over the developing countries (including Pakistan) as necessary, its main focus is to identify regions in most need, and provide them with long-term sustainable and self-sufficient support.

H.O.P.E. Foundation would not be able to perform its work without the continuous support of its partners & affiliates. Thanks to your contributions and support over the years, H.O.P.E. has been able to gain recognition & awards on its in journey to help better the lives of most needy.

H.O.P.E. Foundation understands how important transparency is to establish the trust between the organization and its donors – who are its backbone. As a result, we continuously disclose how your donations make an impact.


Once upon a time it seemed just a dream that H.O.P.E. could actually support hundreds of deserving orphaned children. Now, with your continued help and support, that dream has become a fulfilling reality. By motivating us through your feedback, suggestions and continuous support in the form of sponsorships, volunteering and donations, you help us touch the lives of thousands orphaned children. Our dream for the orphaned children is your dream too.

Building on the promising experience of the past, today our dream is to inspire orphans from developing countries such as Pakistan to become change agents for a better society NOT victims. H.O.P.E. believes we are endowed with so much potential provided we learn the tools and are exposed to the best examples.

Sponsor a Child

H.O.P.E. provides the underprivileged children with the means to become self sufficient, and enables them to improve their society at large.

Build a School

In addition to partnering with schools, we also build schools in remote and impoverished areas of Pakistan.

Emergency Relief

Support building wells and solar panel installation in the most poverty stricken areas of Pakistan.

Where We Work

H.O.P.E. Foundation, since its inception in 2010, has grown from sponsorship of 5 deserving and orphaned children to 4,500 in 2023.

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Sponsoring a child provides the orphans and underprivileged children with the means to become self sufficient, and enables them to improve their society at large.