H.O.P.E. Reaches Out To Provide Relief in Thar

In the beginning of 2014, Sindh’s Tharparkar district faced one of the most severe famine-like situations in its history and, according to estimates, between 135 and 200 children have died in Tharparkar, mostly due to malnourishment. About 259,945 families are reported to have been affected and some of them have been forced to leave their homes and move to urban areas. The drought caused severe shortage of food, resulting in malnutrition, diseases and death. Children and pregnant women were affected the most.

While the provincial government declared Tharparkar a calamity-hit district, and agencies reportedly announced and started relief efforts, those efforts could not be materialized on time. There were numerous reports of shortages of water, food, medicines and fodder for livestock. Tragically enough, a shortage of doctors, paramedics and sanitary workers only added to people’s misery. Relatives of the patients admitted to the hospital in Mithi also complained that medicines were not provided and they were forced to buy expensive drugs.

Quote: “We cannot feed our children, how can we purchase medicines?”


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In line with its charter of providing disaster relief and recovery, H.O.P.E. Foundation Canada, quickly mobilized it’s field team for quick relief and assistance to those affected by providing food supplies and clean water bottles in the following villages and towns of of District Mithi of Tharparkar:

  • 193 families in Goth Adam Tarr, Tehsil Chachro 
  • 69 families in Goth Shadi Tarr, Tehsil Chachro 
  • 15 families in Goth Mubarak Ring, Tehsil Chachro 
  • 121 families in Chachro / Chachro City
  • 188 families in Goth / Tehsil Nagar Parkar


With the support of its devoted donors, H.O.P.E. distributed approximately 1,920,000.00  PKR (about  $20,000 CAD) worth of  relief  to about 600 famine-affected families and households in the months of March-April, 2014.


We sincerely thank our valued  donors for joining hands with H.O.P.E. to help those who needed it the most.  Once again, your donation supported the relief and recovery of fellow human beings and those struggling through this genuine crisis.

Detailed Report on H.O.P.E.’s Thar Famine Relief Coming Soon…


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