Together, We Can Help Them Make Their Dreams Come True!

Once upon a time it seemed just a dream that H.O.P.E.  could actually support hundreds of deserving orphaned children. Now, with your continued help and support, that dream has become a fulfilling reality. By motivating us through your feedback, suggestions and continuous support in the form of sponsorships, volunteering and donations, you help us touch the lives of thousands orphaned children. Our dream for the orphaned children is your dream too…

Building on the promising experience of the past, today our dream is to inspire orphans from developing countries such as Pakistan to become change agents for a better society NOT victims. H.O.P.E. believes we are endowed with so much potential provided we learn the tools and are exposed to the best examples.


Remember, people with dreams have changed the world for the better when they acted on their dreams. There is nothing like a powerful dream to channel one’s passion towards accomplishing a great cause. In 2013, H.O.P.E. Foundation launched a new sponsorship program called “Give HOPE – Sponsor A  Child” to help the deserving orphans accomplish that dreams. With currently more than 2000 orphans being supported,  our dream, goal and ambition for the year 2016 are to sponsor at least 2400 orphans in Pakistan. Click here to make this happen!

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