Annual Meeting – 2014

3rd Annual Volunteers Meeting2014

meeting2-1024x768On behalf of H.O.P.E. Foundation Canada, we would like to express our gratitude to the participants of 3rd Annual H.O.P.E. Volunteers’ Meeting held on January 26th, 2014. Our special appreciation goes to those dedicated volunteers who, despite extreme weather, actively participated in this highly valuable event. For those of our respected volunteers who could not attend, we would like to share the key highlights of the event.

2013 Performance – Facts & figures

meeting3-1024x768Maintaining its tradition of transparency, H.O.P.E., shared the target versus achievements (in value) for the last year. With Allah’s blessings and your support, H.O.P.E. raised $314,534.00 (against a target of $120,000.00) and transferred $190,300.00 to Pakistan on time, sponsoring as many as 624 children. For sure, the sincerity of your intention and selfless devotion has brought the community together in their resolve which shows in the form of growing donations. Be assured that this means greater support for even more orphans particularly in the deteriorating situation of Pakistan when and where it’s needed the most.

Valuable feedback from the team
Meeting-1024x768The interactive discussion and individual feedback we had from each of the volunteers signified several areas of improvement such as the need of:

• An aggressive strategy in order to better manage donation box collection
• Improvement in communication with the sponsors through periodic updates
• Periodic newsletters / reports etc.,
• Update and technical enhancement of H.O.P.E.’s official website
• Strategic focus on social media campaigning

There were several other innovative ideas that we received and are now considering for the current year’s action plan.

Goals for the year 2014

Considering the deteriorating situation and the imminent need in Pakistan, H.O.P.E. intends to support 800 orphaned children this year. By looking at these figures, we can also ascertain that it’s a very sensitive time to be working for this blessed cause. The upcoming H.O.P.E. fundraiser (scheduled to be held on June 22nd, 2014), donation box collections, Muharram / Ramadan campaigns, presentations and Kiosk set-ups, all present some magnificent opportunities for us to make a huge, meaningful difference in the lives of the orphaned children of victims of violence in Pakistan.

Come forward, you’re H.O.P.E.’s Hope!

H.O.P.E., is fortunate to have such an energetic and talented team that is setting a high standard for others to follow. As recognition of your talent and dedication, H.O.P.E., invites you to come forward and share your expertise, skills and suggestions so as to better implement our strategy and action plan to achieve the milestone of sponsoring 800 orphaned children in the year 2014, insha’Allah. Whether you are skilled in graphic or web designing, have expertise in software development or any other technical skills, let us know how you could be even more fruitful for the organization and, hence, for this blessed cause of helping orphans.

Keep up the excellent work. May Allah continue to increase your capacities and capabilities for doing good in His path, ilaahi Aameen

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