Al-Hadi School DGK

Al-Hadi School (D.G. Khan)


History and introduction

Located in an underdeveloped, rural area known as “Sakhi Sarwar” bordering the Baluchistan province, Al-Hadi School is a newly established school in D.G. Khan district of Punjab province. The town has a population of about 60,000 and with only three public schools for all the children at present.

Opening a school in a remote area, where poverty and illiteracy are sky high, has itself been a great challenge. Lack of teachers, essential facilities and infra structure only added to the graveness of the situation. It was in these severe circumstances that Al-Hadi Academy was established  in a small 2-room premises in the year 2011. Gradually, however, the school continued to grow to accomodate ore students and currently the new under-construction building consists of 7 rooms.

Currently, the school has at least 170 students including children of both genders. However, a significant portion with respect to construction,

The curriculum being taught in the school is based on the books prescribed by Punjab Text Book Board from grade 1 to grade 5.


Financial assistance / scholarships

Al-Hadi Academy offers fees waivers, scholarships, free books and stationary from the very first year in the school to accommodate deserving and needy students. Scholarship covers financial needs of students by providing support in monthly tuition fees, school uniform and course books. H.O.P.E. is providing support to Al-Hadi Academy since 2014 with an intent to increase and accommodate as many deserving students in the institution as possible.

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