Iqra City Grammar School Karachi

Iqra City Grammar School Karachi


In the year 2009, a small school was established in Abbas Town Karachi with a sole focus on the principle of helping the humanity, irrespective of race, color or caste. Today, considered as one the fast growing educational institutions in the locality, Iqra City Grammar School has 120 students enrolled with a staff of 8 qualified teachers.

Located at Abul-Hasan Isfahani road Karachi, Iqra City Grammar School (ICGS) is a charity-based school that is open to everyone and treats all the children with respect; showing them how to live an orderly life. The vision is to provide quality education along with sustained support for self-help so that the young children are able to manage their own affairs at a later stage of their life. Iqra School is unique among schools in the area in that it provides free-of-cost education to all the children, without any monthly or yearly fees. Additionally, the school also provides course books and uniforms, absolutely free, so that children can focus on their studies without worrying about expenses and finances.

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