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Let’s give Hope to those who need it the most!


The story of hope begins with an act of lighting a candle of education for suffering or those who only dream of going to school; as it truly shows them the way… through the darkest dark to the brightest day.

With your support and motivation, H.O.P.E Foundation Canada strives day and night to save orphaned and needy children’s present and future, by working tirelessly and doing whatever it takes. The goal is to ensure that children not only survive today but also achieve a promising tomorrow, both academically and professionally.

In addition to providing education, H.O.P.E. also helps provide the deserving children with food, accommodation, medication and computer facilities where required.

For all these services, H.O.P.E. is supported entirely by voluntary donations and child sponsorships which continue to grow significantly. It is due to Allah’s blessings in the form of your contributions that H.O.P.E. Foundation was able to transfer about $190,000 to Pakistan in the year 2013.

However, as your donations grow, so do H.O.P.E.’s coverage and scope as this is how; HOPE that initially started with supporting 5 children in 2010, is now supporting more than 600 children (from play group to university level), in at least eight cities in all four provinces of Pakistan. With your support, our goal is to increase this figure to at least 800 children this year.

You can help us meet this objective through our unique “Give HOPE – Sponsor A Child” program. With the slogan of “Connection with Commitment”, this program allows you to communicate with your sponsored child and get updates about his academic progress.

Do you know what does it take to support a child through H.O.P.E?

Much… much less than what we pay for our phone, internet or utility bills each month. Your support, in the form of only thirty dollars a month would create the means for a child to survive.

For just a dollar a day, who wouldn’t love the gift of making an orphan’s dream come true? Your sponsorship is one of the best ways of ensuring that orphans have an opportunity to go to school, college or university and receive a high quality education that set them on track for a positive future. It could surprise many that doing something so simple holds the potential to make such an impact. And the credit for this accomplishment belongs to you!

Donate and open the door to learning. To donate or subscribe online to “Give HOPE – Sponsor A Child” Program, visit www.Helpforhope.Ca or email us at info@helpforhope.ca. We accept all forms of payment including major credit cards, cheques, PayPal, and pre-authorized monthly pledges. Established as a federally registered charity since 2010, H.O.P.E. Foundation Canada regularly issues charitable tax receipts for all donations.

These children need your help and your generosity is what gives them light of Hope.

Let’s give a HOPEful smile to those, who have prayers on their lips for you!

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